Research at the Faculty of Management Sciences

The management is cognisant of the lack of research activities in the Faculty and therefore established a research forum for regular (weekly) research seminars to boost the interest of beginners, acknowledge research-active staff and engage in publicising faculty research activities during the year. Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS) organised a successful Research Day and several other activities reported under FMS.

Statement of Research Philosophy

- Read Research Statement [PDF]


Current Research

  1. Asa, A.R. 2019. What does IP innovation and Artificial Intelligence mean for the global south? [Presented at the Faculty’s Research Day: 02 August 2019].
  2. Nambira, G., Namene, K. 2019. Empirical evidence on the perceptions of MSMEs entrepreneurs on operational management knowledge, skills, and business growth


FMS Research Niche Areas - Identified per Department


Management Accounting, Economics and Finance Marketing and Logistics Hospitality and Tourism HP-GSB NGCL
  • Strategic Management
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Project Management
  • Quality Service Delivery
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain
  • Small Medium Enterprise
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Agile Management
  • Accounting for SME's
  • Tax Compliances
  • Labour Economics
  • Banking and Savings
  • Budgeting with the Institution
  • Transport Security and Safety
  • Logistics Best Practice
  • Logistics Hub
  • Social Media
  • Consumption Patterns
  • Branding and Innovation
  • Government and Leadership
  • Sport Sponsorship and Endorsement
  • Events Organisation and Service
  • Maritime Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Retail Logistics Advanced Optimisation
  • Culinary Arts
  • Hospitality Management, Hospitality Services Culture
  • Sustainable Tourism and Eco-Tourism
  • Wildlife vs Human Conflict and Poaching
  • Entrepreneurs Hip Tourism
  • Customer Service
  • In-depth Studies on Essential Services as per Customer Perception
  • Access to Services, 3 Components to look at:Deliverables, Engagement and Organisation Culture
  • Logistics Skills Gap Joint Project with University of Johannesburg
  • Pilot Studies on Botswana Logistics Hub
  • GIZ Collaboration in terms of small projects: Needs Analysis Assessment
  • State of Logistics and Corridor Groups
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