Marketing, Logistics and Sport Management


To produce innovative and creative graduates and enhance efforts of job creation in line with the national development plans and vision 2030. To build long lasting relationships and partnerships across Namibia, SADC, and globally.

To be recognised by the private and public sectors as a centre of excellence for marketing, logistics and supply chain education, research and strategic foresight; and


To be recognized as an international centre of academic excellence of teaching, learning, research and consultancy in marketing, logistics, transport, and Supply Chain Management.

About Marketing and Logistics

Finding and defining customers, keeping them, improving their contributions and/or profits and controlling logistics, transportation and supply chain costs are challenges for most businesses worldwide. The overall product/service delivery has already become far more critical than mere materials procurement, product development, operations management, product pricing and launching for many industries, especially from the whole supply chain perspective, where customers must drive and shape one’s supply chain.


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