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Office of the Dean

Ms. Jelise Mooja, Private Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2220/ FAX: 061-207-2445

Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance

Ms. Lesetta Castela, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2646/ FAX: 061-207-2113

Department of Hospitality and Tourism

Ms. Illony De Voss, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2093/ FAX: 061-207-2356/9093

Department of Management

Ms. Tessa Olavi, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2398/ FAX: 061-207-2087

Department of Marketing and Logistics

Mr. Likuwa Chimao, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2014/ FAX: 061-207-2087

Faculty Officer
Gilbert //Hoabeb
TEL: 061-207-2320/ FAX: 061-207-9320


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