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Bachelor of Accounting Honours
Modes of Study  Full-time/ Part-time
Duration 1 Year
Level Postgraduate
Course Code 08BOAH



The  Bachelor  of  Accounting  Honours  aims  to  develop  intellectual  and  practical  skills  in  the  analysis,  interpretation,  and 
application  of  advanced  accounting,  governance,  auditing,  and  taxation  and  thereby  enabling  students  to  identify  and  solve 
advanced accounting related challenges in real‐life situation. Further, this programme enables students to develop their capacity 
to conduct supervised research of an applied nature. The Bachelor of Accounting Honours is critical such that it prepares students 
for a career as accounting professionals or for other business careers requiring a solid understanding of financial reporting and 
accounting. Students  will  have  the  opportunity  to  develop  cognitive/intellectual  skills,  transferable  skills,  practical  skills  and  a  thorough 
understanding of the accounting function in organisations. 

Students  who  graduate  with  a  Bachelor  of  Accounting  Honours  degree  will  be  able  to  find  employment  in  the 
accounting  profession,  public  sector,  commerce  &  industry  as  credit  managers,  accounting  managers,  financial 
managers, financial accountants, tax practitioner and public sector finance managers and accountants.
This  programme may  also  serve as an  alternative  route  for  those  students  seeking  to  be  qualified  accountants  through  the 
Association  of  Chartered  Certified  Accountants  (ACCA),  the  Chartered  Institute  of  Management  Accountants  (CIMA),  the 
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (CAEAW) and others. 

The  programme  oabjective  is  to  provide  career growth  for  students who graduate with  the  undergraduate accounting  degrees 
including opening opportunities for them to pursue higher degree programmes.
The  programme  has  been  endorsed  by  members  of  the  Prosgramme  Advisory  Committee,  Namibia  Institute  of  Professional 
Accountants (NIPA) and ACCA, while academic peers at higher learning institutions were consulted for purposes of benchmarking.


Admission Requirements 

To  be  considered  for  admission  to  this  programme,  candidates  must  have  a  Bachelor  of  Accounting  degree  or  equivalent 
qualification  at  NQF  Level  7  from NUST  or  an equivalent  qualification  from  a  recognised  institution,  worth  at  least  360  NQF 
credits,  or  a  pre‐NQF  Bachelor  degree  of  at  least  three  years  duration  from  a  recognised  institution  with  specialisations  in 

In addition, candidates should have passed or have been exempted from the following courses or their equivalents at an 
undergraduate level (NQF Level 7 or equivalent): 
• Financial Accounting 
• Managerial Accounting and Finance 
• Auditing 

Further, candidates wishing  to  take  the Taxation course as an elective in semester 2 of  the programme should have passed  the 
Taxation course at NQF Level 7 or equivalent in their undergraduate programme.
The department retains the right to apply additional criteria as may be approved by Senate from time to time. Applicants who are 
admitted to the programme may be required to make up for any deficiencies, as deemed necessary by the Head of Department.

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