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Finding and defining customers, keeping them, improving their contributions and/or profits and controlling logistics, transportation and supply chain costs are challenges for most businesses worldwide. The overall product/service delivery has already become far more critical than mere materials procurement, product development, operations management, product pricing and launching for many industries, especially from the whole supply chain perspective, where customers must drive and shape one’s supply chain. A concept (Supply chain management) that has generated much interest in recent years for a number of reasons; SCM typically involves the coordination of information and materials among multiple firms. Many managers now realize that actions taken by one member of the chain can influence the profitability or existence of all others in the chain. As supply chains compete against one another, rather than as a single firm against other individual firms, focus have shifted to firms trying to streamline their own operations, and seek opportunity for improvement is through better coordination with their key at times critical suppliers and customers. The costs of lack or poor coordination can be extremely high- in terms of lost customers and businesses. Today’s hot problems in the business sphere (and for that matter, hot growth opportunities) are often rooted in marketing, distribution, transportation, procurement, logistics, and Supply Chain. Customers/suppliers’ relationship issues in modern-day business demand marketing, procurement, logistics, and supply chain strategies; any such strategy needs to blend what is right for the business, for its supply chain partners, and for its ultimate customers. The sheer magnitude of that challenge is apt to stymie even veteran managers. The sharing of responsibility up and down the supply chain network makes change and relationship more manageable, Oddly enough; the pressure subsides a bit when top managers enlarge their mental sphere in this way, when they expand their view beyond their company’s internal operations to encompass their channels, suppliers and their channels’ channels, the suppliers’ supplier in the entire supply chain system. We (the department) crafts and polishes modern managers who can confront and manage these challenges head on in the boardrooms, marketplaces and supply chain matrix.

Our philosophy:
“Quality in all our acts and doings;” this statement reflects our total commitment to quality relationships with our students, partners, each other, the community, and our other various stakeholders. We are committed to our customers-the students; for whom we must impact and boardroom. Our students are essential to our existence.

Core Values and beliefs:

  1. Truthful and Genuine
  2. Equality
  3. Integrity
  4. Transparency and Effective Communication
  5. Respect and Humility
  6. Professionalism
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