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Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Modes of Study  Full-time/ Part-time
Duration 2 Years
Level Postgraduate
Course Code 09MLSM


The Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management is designed  to provide broad high‐level competencies and aims  to equip  students with the critical managerial competencies required by the logistics industry in Namibia and beyond. 

The  programme  intends  to  prepare  graduates  to  plan,  evaluate,  organize,  direct,  and  control  the  logistics  and  supply  chain  management  functions and  processes of  firms  or  organisations and  to engage in  rigorous analysis and  problem‐solving. The  programme includes a combination of coursework and a thesis to prepare students for advanced, specialized and managerial  roles  in  logistics  and  supply  chain  management.  Further  students  will  be  equipped  with  advanced  knowledge  required  to  conduct applied research and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field. 


Admission Requirements 

The Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management seeks to recruit suitably qualified students who are capable of benefitting 
from, contributing  to, and  successfully completing  the programme. In order  to be considered  for admission  to  this programme, 
prospective students must: 

• Hold  a  Bachelor  of  Logistics  and  Supply  Chain  Management  Honours  degree,  or  an  equivalent  qualification  from  a 
recognised institution at NQF Level 8.  Applicants with any pre‐NQF qualifications must include professional core studies of 
the underlying  subject matter in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and a component of  supervised  research. Such 
applicants will be evaluated by the department and considered for admission on a case‐by‐case basis. 
• Preferably  have  at  least  two  years  appropriate  experience  in  a  government,  corporate,  entrepreneurial,  academic  or 
equally  relevant  setting.  Students  who  do  not  meet  the  experience  required  will  be  interviewed  by  the  admissions 
• Applicants  will  be  required  to  write  an  admission  test  based  on  a  simplified  analytical  skills  test modelled  in  line  with 
internationally  recognised  Admissions  Test  to  Graduate  Management  Education  GMAT  or  computer‐based  tests  with 
similar  predictive  attributes  concerning  the  applicant’s  general  aptitude.  Additionally,  proficiency  in  English  language 
should  be  demonstrated  at  the  appropriate  level  through  written  assessments  under  controlled  conditions,  while 
applications may also be required to take part in an interview.
• Alternatively,  where  appropriate,  applicants  are  eligible  to  submit  recent  Graduate  Management  Admission  Test 
(GMAT) results in instead of the admission test.

Students may be required to make up any other deficiencies at the discretion of the Admission Committee.

An evaluation of  the applicant’s academic  record and a personal letter providing  reasons  for wishing  to enrol  for  the Master of 
Logistics and Supply Chain Management will be required for selection purposes. 

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