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Higher Education Diploma (Post-Graduate) (UNAM)
Bachelor of Arts (UNAM)
Higher Diploma in Teacher Education - Umea University, Sweden
Master of Social Science in Teacher Education (cum laude) - Umea University
Magister in Development Studies - University of the Free State
Post-Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation - Stellenbosch University
Post-Graduate course in Curriculum Studies - University of the Free State
PhD degree in Curriculum Studies - University of the Free State

Research focus areas/interests Curriculum studies, Classroom assessment, Continuous professional development, Equity in education, Classroom / Organisational Action Research, Critical Research studies Curriculum, Education and Training evaluative studies, Policy implementation analysis studies Teaching Education Theory & Practice A (ETP510S) Quality Assurance Management A (QAM610S) Research in VET A (RMV630S) Project Management (PVM630S) Training Management Skills (TMS630S)

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