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Diploma in Technical and Vocational Education and Training: Management
Modes of Study  Full-time/ Part-time/ Distance
Duration 2 Years
Level Undergraduate
Course Code 06DTVM


The  programme  targets  current management  cadre  who  do  not  possess  formal management  qualifications  and  those  who 
aspire  to  become  managers  within  the  Technical  and  Vocational  Education  and  Training  (TVET)  sector.  The  knowledge 
embedded in this  programme  enables  students  to  develop  competencies  and  skills  in  this  domain  in  a  more  conducive  and  focused 
manner.  The  programme  recognises  the  major  attributes  that  TVET  Management  must  possess  to  be  able  to  lead  and 
manage staff, to perform their functional tasks in a goal‐directed manner while demonstrating initiative and responsibility in
management  within  a  TVET  environment.  Upon  completion  of  the  programme,  the  students  should  be  able  to  actively 
participate  in  leadership  and  management  activities  in  a  formal  training  environment  such  as Vocational  Training  Centres 
(VTCs),  Community  Skills  Development  Centres  (COSDECs)  and  any  other  TVET  organisation,  and  especially  those  using 
Competency‐Based Education and Training (CBET) methods of instruction. 


Admission Requirements 

Potential candidates must meet the General Admission Requirements of NUST (as outlined in the Prospectus) and be qualified in 
a designated trade, and a minimum of one year of managerial experience in a VTC/COSDEC/TVET institution before registration 
for the programme can take place. 

Alternatively, applicants who have completed the Certificate in Technical and Vocational Education and Training: Trainer (Level 5) 
and/ or Diploma in Technical and Vocational Education and Training: Trainer (Level 6) and/or similar qualifications are eligible to 
apply for this programme. 

Mature age applicants will be considered provided they meet the requirements and pass the mature age entry examinations of 
NUST (GI2.2 in Part 1of the Yearbook). 

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