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Bachelor of Tourism Management (Phasing out 2023)
Modes of Study  Full-time
Duration 3 Years
Level Undergraduate
Course Code 07BOTM


The  Namibia  University  of  Science  and  Technology  (NUST)  offers  various  programmes  and  strives  to  provide  much  needed 
qualifications to the Tourism and Hospitality industry in relation to market needs. The Department of Hospitality and Tourism 
Management  seeks,  among  other,  to  develop  tourism  programmes  that  are  responsive  to  industry  needs  for  specialists  in 
Namibia and the SADC region as a whole. The Bachelor of Tourism Management seeks to equip students with broad knowledge, 
professional  and  technical  skills  and  values  to  pursue  a  career  in  tourism  management.  The  programme  provides  a 
comprehensive  and  systematic  introduction  to  the  major  concepts,  theories  and  problem‐solving  techniques  of  tourism 
management  in  order  to  prepare  students  for  specialised  industry  positions.  Special  emphasis  is  placed  on  creating  an 
interdisciplinary  base  for  research,  policy  analysis,  planning  and  theoretical  education,  and  to  develop  understanding  of  the 
complex nature of the hospitality and tourism industry. 

This programme is designed to produce graduates with knowledge and skills required to take up positions in the tourism industry 
such as tourism planning and project administration officers; sales and marketing personnel; guest relations, public relations
and customer service personnel; information/front office personnel; events and conference coordinators, and community based 
tourism enterprises supervisors, etc. Students may also opt to start and run their own tourism related businesses. 


Admission Requirements 

Applicants must meet the General Admission Requirements of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (GI2.1 in Part 1 
of  the NUST Yearbook) in order  to be considered  for admission  to  this programme. In addition, applicants will be  required  to 
attend an interview as the final stage in the admissions process. 

Mature  age  candidates  will  be  considered  provided  they  meet  the  requirements  and  pass  the  mature  age  entrance 
examinations of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (GI2.2 in Part 1 of the NUST Yearbook). 

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