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Bachelor of Tourism Innovation & Development
Modes of Study  Full-time
Duration 3 Years
Level Undergraduate
Course Code 07BTID


The  revised  programme  is  designed  in  response  to  industry  needs  in  Namibia  and  the  SADC  region.  A  need  for  qualified 
tourism management experts in both the public and private sectors was identified and confirmed through consultation with 
industry key stakeholders and Programme Advisory Committee. Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in Namibia and 
highly labour intensive (see for example, Namibia’s Skills Deficit Report 2010, Tourism Human Resource Strategy for Namibia, 
2011,  Tourism  and  Hospitality  Sector  Skills  Plan,  2015  &  National  Human  Resource  Plan,  2010‐2015).  As  Namibia  strives 
towards its national developmental goals and the realization of vision 2030, theses qualified individuals will contribute greatly 
to the attainment of relevant objectives pursued by both the Namibian Government and international partners. Against this 
background, there is a need, therefore, to develop human resource capacity to render services to this industry.
Further,  the  Bachelor  of  Tourism  Innovation  and  Development  is revised  to  ensure  its  continued  relevance  in  terms  of  the 
national development needs as well as employment creation. The revised programme is also consistent with the vision of NUST, 
i.e. to be a premier university of science and technology, preparing leaders for the knowledge economy.
In addition,  the program has  two thematic areas, namely Travel Operations and Tour Operations.  The intention is to give the 
students an opportunity the specialize in their area of interest. 

The programme is fully compliant with requirements of NQF and the NUST Curriculum Framework. 


Admission Requirements 

To  be  considered  for  admission  to  this  programme,  applicants must  have  "C"  in  English  language  as  well  as meet  the General 
Admission Requirements of the NUST (GI2.1 in Part 1 of the NUST Yearbook). In addition, applicants will be required to attend an 
interview as the final stage in the admissions process.
Mature  age  candidates  will  be  considered  provided  they  meet  the  requirements  and  pass  the  mature  age  entrance 
examinations of the NUST (GI.2.2 in Part 1 of the NUST Yearbook). 

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