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Bachelor of Public Management
Modes of Study  Full-time/ Part-time/ Distance
Duration 3 Years
Level Undergraduate
Course Code 07BPMA


The Bachelor of Public Management is purposefully designed to train generalists  for employment predominately in the public 
sector  and  civil  society  organisations;  while  also  catering  for  the  needs  of  the  private  sector.  The  programme  provides  a 
systematic and coherent introduction to the main theories, broad principles, concepts, data, and problem‐solving techniques in
the main cognate area of learning. 

The  programme’s main emphasis  is  on governance and  leadership  in  the  varied,  complex, and  challenging  settings  of  public 
action  –  such  as  multi‐level  policy,  governance  and  management  processes,  hybrid  social  enterprises,  and  public‐private 
On  successful  completion  of  the  progamme,  graduates  will  acquire  the  relevant  knowledge  and  skills  in  leadership,  ethics, 
management of public and non‐profit organisations, and public policy formulation.
Overall, the Bachelor of Public Management aims to enable students to: 
• Gain conceptual understanding of the key theories and concepts, as well as values and principles, of public management; 
• Apply advanced tools and problem‐solving techniques of public management that will assist public managers in Namibia 
to effectively address the key development policies; 
• Function  effectively  at  an  operational  level  not  only  in  local  and  regional  government  in  Namibia,  but  also  in  the 
international arena and in private and civil society organisations. 


Admission Requirements 

Candidates will  be  considered  for admission  to  this  programme,  if  they meet  the General  Admission  Requirements  of NUST, 
(GI2.1 in Part 1 of NUST Yearbook). 

Mature  Age  candidates  will  be  considered  provided  they  meet  the  requirements  and  pass  the  mature  age  entrance 
examinations  of  NUST  (GI2.2  in  Part  1  of  NUST  Yearbook).  Mature  Age  candidates  need  to  achieve  40%  for  English  and 
Mathematics in  the mature age entry examinations and have been employed  for a minimum of  three years in  the  relevant 

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