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Bachelor of Marketing Honours
Modes of Study  Full-time/ Part-time/ Distance
Duration 1 Year
Level Postgraduate
Course Code 08HMAR


The  Bachelor  of Marketing  Honours  is  designed  to  provide  students  with  deepened,  comprehensive  and  systematic marketing  skills needed to make complex and market wide decisions and to help them to accomplish an upturn mind‐set. This programme is  aimed  at  propelling  the  students  into  the  realm  of  practitioners  and  marketing  experts  with  exemplary  strategic  capacity  and  critical understanding of the guiding principles, theories, methodologies and practices of marketing, marketing management and strategic marketing. 


Admission Requirements 

In  order  to  be  admitted  to  this  programme,  applicants  must  have  a  Bachelor’s  degree  in  Marketing,  or  an  equivalent 
qualification at NQF Level 7 of at least 360 credits, with a minimum aggregate of 60 % in major  (marketing) subjects at exit 

Applicants  who  have  completed  the  current  National  Diploma  in Marketing  (phased‐in  in  2009)  can  gain  admission  into  the 
Bachelor of Marketing Honours provided they have an overall average of at least 65 % in their third year courses. In addition,
applicants should have passed Product Pricing Management or an equivalent course. Applicants may be allowed to register for 
this course concurrently with Honours degree courses if resources permit. This particular group of applicants will be evaluated 
on a case‐by‐case basis for purposes of admission.
Applicants with a National Diploma in Marketing awarded by  the Namibia University of Science and Technology as part of its 
2006/07 curriculum will be considered for admission to this programme provided they have an overall average of at least 65 % 
in  their  third year courses. In addition, applicants  should  have passed  Product Pricing Management, Marketing Research and 
Market Intelligence as well as Electronic & Web‐Based Marketing. This particular group of students will be evaluated on a case‐
by‐case basis for purposes of admission. 

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