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Bachelor of Human Resources Management Honours
Modes of Study  Full-time/ Part-time/ Distance
Duration 1 Year
Level Postgraduate
Course Code 08HRM


This programme is designed to provide students with a deepened, comprehensive, and systematic understanding of human resource 
management  skills  and  practices  needed  to  make  complex  and  strategic  decisions  in  the  workplace.  The  Bachelor  of  Human 
Resource Management Honours Degree is aimed at catapulting students into the specialist field of human resource practitioners and 
experts  by  equipping  them  with  strategic  thinking  skills  and  deepened  knowledge  of  the  discipline.  Additionally,  through  this 
programme, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to portray and project a critical understanding of the 
guiding principles, theories, methodologies and best practices of human Resource Management and strategic thinking. In the same 
vein,  on  completion  of  this  programme,  graduates  are  expected  to  be  able  to  plan,  design  and  develop,  implement,  manage, 
monitor, strategies that sustain creativity, innovation, and high performance in an organization. 

The  programme  is  dedicated  to  developing  existing  and  new  human  resource  management  practitioners  by  offering  expanded 
comprehensive  professional  and  academic  diverse  knowledge  to  solving  challenging  but  strategically  based  human  resource 
management problems and issues. 


Admission Requirements 

In order to be admitted to this programme, candidates must have a Bachelor of Human Resources Management degree at NQF level 
7, worth at least 360 credits, or an equivalent qualification from a recognised institution.
Candidates holding a Diploma in Human Resource Management from NUST (then the Polytechnic of Namibia), may be considered for 
admission into this programme. Candidates may be admitted on advanced standing and be required to take requisite undergraduate
courses based on individual candidate’s academic profile. 

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