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Bachelor of Hospitality Management
Modes of Study  Full-time/ Part-time
Duration 3 Years
Level Undergraduate
Course Code 07BHOM


The  Bachelor  of Hospitality Management  seeks  to enable  students  to  demonstrate a  systematic,  professional  scientific and 
technical  knowledge,  skills,  and  values  needed  to  make  decisions  in  the  hospitality  industry.  The  revised  programme,  will 
provide a systematic introduction to the major concepts, theories and problem‐solving techniques of Hospitality Management 
to prepare students to diverse industry positions. The focus is on applied education for specialized industry positions with the 
emphasis  on  creating  an  operational  base  for  planning  and  developing  an  understanding  of  the  managerial  aspects  of  the 
hospitality and industry.
The  programme  enable  students  to  exit  with  the  Certificate  in  Hospitality  Operations  at  NQF  Level  5,  as  first  exit  level  upon 
successful  completion  of  year  1.  This  Certificate  allows  the  student  to  perform  major  operational  activities  in  the  various 
departments of hospitality establishments with minor supervisory activities. Further, it allows the student to pursue a career at a 
more temperate pace and allows for both professional and academic growth and development in the industry.
Overall,  the  programme  aims  at  preparing  students  to  assume  technical/professional  roles  at  operational  and  mid‐level 
management in industry, including food and beverage management, front office, housekeeping, sales and marketing, as well as 
personnel  recruitment  and  training.  The  programme  places  a  lot  of  emphasis  on  practical  training,  to  give  students,  the 
necessary “hand‐on” instruction, and exposure hat will enrich  their skills and experience in accordance with demands of  the 
hospitality  industry.  Graduates  of  the  programme  will  be  able  to  take  up  positions  in  industry  such  as  food  and  beverage 
specialists,  restaurants  managers,  rooms’  division  supervisors  and  managers,  front  office  supervisors,  guest  relations 
executives, to assistant hotel managers, events and conference coordinators, etc. Students may also opt to start and run their
own hospitality related businesses.
The programme is  revised in consultation with various  stakeholders in  the Hospitality and Tourism industry and endorsed by 
members  of  the  Programme  Advisory  Committee  (attached,  please  find  evidence  of  consultation,  benchmarking  with  peer 
universities and support letters


Admission Requirements 

Applicants must meet  the General Admission Requirements  of  the Namibia University  of Science and Technology  (G12.1 in  the 
Prospectus) to be considered for admission to this programme.
Graduates  with  a  Diploma  in  Hotel  Management  from  the  Polytechnic  of  Namibia,  may  be  admitted  to  the  Bachelor  of 
Hospitality  Management  based  on  advance  standing.  Courses  completed  under  the  Diploma  in  Hotel  Management  may  be 
granted  credits  on  a  course‐by‐course  basis,  and  students  will  be  required  to  complete  all  outstanding  courses  as  per  the 
requirements  of  the  revised  Bachelor  of  Hospitality  Management  programme  (kindly  refer  to  credit  transfer  table  below). 
However, acceptance of these applicants into the bachelor’s degree programme would be considered on a case‐by‐case basis 
on the recommendation of the Head of Department in consultation with the Office of the Registrar. 

In addition, all candidates will be required to attend an interview as the final stage in the admissions process.
Mature age candidates, will be considered provided they meet the requirements and pass mature age entrance examinations of 
the Namibia University of Science and Technology (G12.2 in the Prospectus) 

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