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Bachelor of English and Linguistics
Modes of Study  Full-time/ Part-time/ Distance
Duration 3 Years
Level Undergraduate
Course Code 07BENL


The  Bachelor  of  English  and  Linguistics  provides  a  methodical  and  logical  introduction  to  the  broad  knowledge,  principles, 
concepts,  data,  theories  and  problem‐solving  techniques  in  the  language  domain.  The  programme  will  enable  students  to 
acquire transferable language skills.
Overall the Bachelor of English and Linguistics aims at: providing students with a sound foundation in the fundamental concepts 
and theories of English and Linguistics; developing the ability of students to analyse information from a wide range of sources; 
promoting  national  development  through  the  teaching  of  English  and  Linguistics;  aligning  English  teaching  standards  at  the 
tertiary level with Information  Communication Technology  produced  by  the Ministry  of Education; producing  professionals in 
the field of English who are competent in linguistics and literature. The revised Bachelor of English and Linguistics programme 
addresses the critical need for professionals who can contribute to nation building.
The  current  Bachelor  of  English  and  Linguistics  programme  is  revised  to  ensure  that  the  programme  is  fully  compliant  with 
requirements  of  the  National  Qualifications  Framework  (NQF)  and  the  Namibia  University  of  Science  and  Technology  (NUST) 
Curriculum Framework. 


Admission Requirements 

Candidates may be admitted to the Bachelor of English and Linguistics Degree programme if they meet the University’s General 
Admission Requirements (GI2.1 in Part 1 of the Yearbook). In addition to General Admission Requirements (Regulations GI2.1) 
and Mature Age Entry Scheme (Regulation GI2.2) as contained in the Yearbook of Namibia University of Science and Technology, 
students shall have symbol D in Grade 12/NSSCO or better in English.
Students will  be  required  to write a  special English  test  (not  a placement  test) which  they  should  pass with at least  60%  to  be 
admitted into the programme. Admission under Mature Age Entry Scheme shall also consider recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). 

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