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Bachelor of Criminal Justice in Policing
Modes of Study  Full-time/ Part-time
Duration 3 Years
Level Undergraduate
Course Code 07BCIP


The  Bachelor  of  Criminal  Justice  in  Policing  is  purposefully  designed  to  provide  students  with  a  coherent  and  systematic 
introduction to the broad concepts, principles, theories, and problem‐solving techniques within the field of criminal justice with 
specific emphasis on  competencies and  standards  for effective  policing. Students will  be equipped with essential  theoretical 
knowledge as well as analytical and practical skills of police operations, administration, and management within the context of 
the criminal justice system in Namibia and beyond. Furthermore,  the programme will enable students  to demonstrate an in‐
depth understanding of the role of policing as a sub‐system of the criminal justice system in a modern society, as well as that of 
other law enforcement agencies such as the Namibian Correctional Service, Municipal Police, Immigration Services, Namibian 
Defence Force, Security Institutions, Banking and Insurance Sectors (Forensic Investigators).
Overall, the Bachelor of Criminal Justice in Policing aims at: 
• Providing  students  with  a  diverse  range  of  competencies  and  skills  which  are  both  discipline‐specific  and  job‐related, 
enabling  students  to adapt in a continuously changing professional  policing environment  throughout  the criminal justice 
• Fostering  an  understanding  of  how  learned  academic  knowledge  and  skills  interact  and  inform  the  development  of 
professional  policing  and  law  enforcement  practice  across  communities  and  criminal  justice  sectors,  considering 
international best practices and standards; and 
• Producing qualified graduates who can manage crime and advise government on criminal justice policy issues. 
Bachelor’s  degree  holders  will  find  employment  as  police,  security,  forensic  and  correctional  professionals  in  the  public  and 
private sectors.
The Certificate in Criminal Justice (Level 5), as a first exit level, is designed to equip students with the requisite knowledge and 
skills  in  dealing  with  criminal  justice  issues  in  different  organisations,  including  state  and  private  security  agencies,  and  to 
provide the basis for further learning. The certificate will provide students with the fundamentals of the criminal justice system, 
juvenile justice, crime, and criminal behavior and policing. Students who exit with a Certificate in Criminal Justice (Level 5) will be 
employed in the public and private sectors as police officers, safety and security officers and correctional officers at entry level.
The  revised programme has been endorsed by members of  the  Programme Advisory Committee  (PAC) and has also 
been  benchmarked  with  other  institutions  of  higher  learning.  (Please  find  attached  evidence  of  consultation  and 
supporting documents). . 


Admission Requirements 

Candidates  may  be  admitted  to  the  Bachelor  of  Criminal  Justice  in  Policing  programme  if  they  meet  the  General  Admission 
Requirements of the NUST (GI2.1 in Part 1 of the NUST Yearbook). 

Mature Age candidates will be considered provided they meet the requirements of the NUST (GI2.2 in Part 1 of the Yearbook). 

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