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Bachelor of Criminal Justice Honours
Modes of Study  Full-time/ Part-time
Duration 1 Year
Level Postgraduate
Course Code 08HCRJ


The Bachelor of Criminal  Justice Honours is a specialisation degree, designed  to consolidate and deepen the knowledge and 
skills of students in the main cognate are of learning, with an emphasis on relevance in the Criminal Justice System in the local 
and  regional  context.  Honing  already  existing  analytical  skills  shall  enable  students  to  contribute  to  the  optimization  of 
effectiveness  and  efficiency  of  criminal  justice  agencies,  with  high‐order  skills  in  research,  management  of  organization 
change,  reasoning  and  analysis,  and  communication.  The  research  component  shall  develop  students’  capacity  to  conduct 
supervised research of an applied nature. The Bachelor of Criminal Justice Honours will enable students to reflect on emerging
questions about the root causes of crime in various contexts, the lack of evidence‐based information regarding the prevalence 
of  crime in  developing  countries, e.g. Namibia,  so addressing  the  current  dearth in  research capacity in  the  criminal justice 

Overall, the Bachelor of Criminal Justice Honours aims at:

• Providing  students  with  a  diverse  range  of  skills  and  competencies,  which  are  discipline‐specific,  and  job  related, 
thereby, enabling graduates to adapt in a continuously changing professional criminal justice environment. 
• Forstering  a  deepened  understanding  of  how  learned  academic  knowledge  and  skills  interact  and  inform  the 
development  of  professionalism  and  law  enforcement  practice  across  communities  in  criminal  justice  sectors,  taking 
into consideration international best practices and standards. 
• On completion, graduates of this programme will be able to find employment in public and private organisations, especially 
at middle management level within the Criminal Justice system. 


Admission Requirements 

Applicants  will  be  considered  for  admission  to  the  Bachelor  of  Criminal  Justice  Honours  if  they  have  a  Bachelor  of  Criminal 
Justice  in  Policing  or  Correctional  Management  from  NUST  or  equivalent  qualification  at  NQF  level  7  from  a  recognised 
institution worth at least 360 credits; all qualifying candidates will participate in  such  specific  selection processes as may be 
determined by the Department. 

Applicants with a related Bachelor’s degree of at least a duration of three years in Criminology, Sociology, Social Work, Law, and 
Psychology may be admitted at the discretion of the Department.

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