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Bachelor of Business Management
Modes of Study  Full-time/ Part-time/ Distance
Duration 3 Years
Level Undergraduate
Course Code 07BBMN


The  Bachelor  of  Business  Management  provides  a  methodical  and  logical  introduction  to  the  broad  knowledge,  principles, 
concepts, data and theories in the business management domain. The programme exposes students to business and functional 
disciplines,  the interdependence of  these disciplines and  the larger  role of business in society. Students will acquire cognitive 
skills  and  key  transferable  skills  that  are  necessary  for  addressing  pressing  challenges  in  the  current  Namibian  market  and 
economy. Furthermore,  they will develop essential graduate attributes  to enhance practical problem‐solving, critical  thinking,
good communication, teamwork and culturally sensitive global and responsible citizenship.
The Bachelor of Business Management specifically aims at: 
• Providing  the  theoretical  and  practical  frameworks  necessary  for  the  commercialisation  of  scientific  and 
technological products or services; 
• Providing future middle managers with the tools to plan, organize, lead and evaluate an organisation’s activities, as well 
as manage resources, identify and solve problems; 
• Providing student with the understanding and know‐how necessary  for establishing, supporting and growing small 
and medium enterprises; 
• Providing  students  with  a  thorough  understanding  and  the  ability  to  apply  fundamental  concepts,  modern 
management theories, practices and techniques within the field of business management; 
• Developing the ability of students to collect, analyse and interpret information from a variety of sources; 
• Preparing students to add value in the workplace through individual endeavor, as well as within a team context; and, 
• Preparing  students  to be effective communicators, critical  thinkers, ethically and  socially  responsible, global citizens and 
team players. 


Admission Requirements 

Candidates may be admitted to this programme if they meet the General Admission Requirements of the Namibia University 
of Science and Technology (NUST) (GI2.1 in Part 1 of the NUST Yearbook). In addition, students should have a minimum of D 
symbol in Grade 12/NSSCO Mathematics
Mature  age  candidates  will  be  considered  provided  they  meet  the  requirements  and  pass  the  mature  age  entrance 
examinations of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (GI2.2 in Part 1 of the NUST Yearbook). 

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